Modernly infused authenticity

Ilios, Greek for “Sun”, is where the Greek-Mediterranean sun shines on our Northern Coast. Palm trees gracefully slant over our turquoise water spine carefully crafting your home.

The white raw greek facade evokes a sense of serenity and familiarity, grounding our community to the earthly elements and palette. Featuring apartments, chalets, and stand-alone villas, Bianchi Ilios brings you back to restful summer moments.

Bringing for the first time in the Middle East and Africa wave technology to our secondary man-made beachfront for you to enjoy a beach made for the waves. Get your surfboards out and get ready to catch a wave of tomorrow.

Simple summers

Experiential beachfronts

360 Meters main beach front
4.3 km lagoon beach front 

Modernly infused Authenticity, The masterplan 

15% occupied as building space. This architectural generosity of dedicating 85% of land space towards landscaping, waterscaping, and commercial amenities, truly hammers on the project’s truthfulness in granting differentiated quality experiences rather than quantity settlements

The spine, The lagoon

Swimmable lagoons
Looping around the whole complex, giving a maximized view for every unit 

An Earthly Context , The light

Light at Bianchi Ilios beams off raw tones of earth colors. With intent to refrain from strong lighting, a subtly soothing ambience is created, manifesting feelings of warmth and belongingness

A summer canvas, Landscaping 

A subtly natural approach to vegetation and landscaping provides cheerfulness and harmony.

Blue settlements

  • Project Area

    420,873 sqm

  • Facilities
    • Club house 
    • Wellness center 
    • 5 star hotel 
    • Wave beach 
    • Triple beachfront 
    • Swimmable lagoons 
    • Commercial area 
    • 24/7 Security
  • Location
    North Coast
    • In adherence to its uniquely defined identity, Bianchi Ilios complements its distinction in uprooting its presence on convenient grounds: 
      • 30 minute drive from Wadi El Natrun – Al Alamein Road
      • 25 minute drive from New Alamein City 
      • 40 minute drive to El Dabaa road 
      • 155 KM from Alexandria 
      • 276 KM from Sheikh Zayed, Waslut Dahshour Road 
    • In availing access to many commercial projects along the way, Bianchi Ilios is a destination that offers a soothing lifestyle equilibrium. 
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